Tadashi Nakatani

Revised on May/09/1996
Visting Scholar,
Distributed Systems Group,
Computer Science Department,
Stanford University.

Sept.95 - Feb.97
from Fuchu Works, Toshiba Corp., Japan.

Job in Japan

I belong to "Development Group of Power Use Microelectronics Instruments Department" in Japan. Our group is developping both hardware and software of components using microprocessors(such as x86). The products are used to supervise and control mainly electric power systems. I have been working for our group as a software engineer.

Purpose here at Stanford

My main purpose here is to study computer communication protocols which are congenial with new network architectures such as ATM.
Most of communication protocols used in power systems have been primitive and specified to them in the past. Recently,as these systems are getting larger and more complicated, the communication between components is required to have more interconnectability and higher speed. Therefore, it is very significant for me to be here DSG,which is doing the most advanced researches about network protocols actively, and to prepare for the near future when high-speed wide area networks like B-ISDN prevail in Japan.



  • Born in Osaka,Japan, Jun/18/1963
  • Got B.E.,Mechanical Engineering,Tokyo University, 1986
  • Got M.E.,Mechanical Engineering,Tokyo University, 1988
  • Entered Toshiba Corp., 1988


  • Yoko Nakatani, Wife
  • Moeko Nakatani, Daughter, 2 years old

    Things I Like

    Travel, Reading, Golf, Swimming, Eating, etc.

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