Computer Science Classes

Here is a list of computer science classes for undergraduates and graduates. I'm sure they are very nice for feeding basic issues to those who are measured in other field but are working in the computer field.

CS145 (Introduction to Database)
CS242 (Programming Languages)
CS109B (Introduction to Computer Science)
CS143 (Compilers)
CS154 (Introduction to Automata and Complexity)
CS157 (Logic and Automated Reasoning)
CS193I (Internet Technologies)
CS244B (Distributed Systems)
CS315A (Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming)
EE380 (Seminar on Computer Systems)
CS193D (C++ and Object-Oriented Programming)
CS240A (Operating Systems and Systems Programming)
CS240B (Advanced Topics in Operating Systems)
CS244A/EE384 (Computer Networks: Architectures and Protocols)
CS249 (Object-Oriented Programming from a Modeling and Simulation Perspective)
EE418/CS443 (Design and Prototyping Languages)
EE203 (The Enterpreneural Engineer)
CS109B (Introduction to Computer Science)
CS107 (Programming Paradigms)
CS109A (Introduction to Computer Science)
EE271 (Introduction to VLSI Systems)
EE282H (Computer Architecture and Organization (Honors))