Dissemination-Oriented Communication Support

In the dissemination model of communication, information sources use channels to disseminate information to a potentially large and dynamic set of channel subscribers.

The work is motivated by the following observations:

  1. Dissemination-oriented communication addresses the requirements of emerging applications including Distributed Interactive Simulation and multimedia conferencing.
  2. Dissemination-oriented communication is poorly supported by current protocols.
  3. An improved communication architecture can and should be designed based on dissemination-oriented communication. Such an architecture should accommodate traditional conversation and request-response models as special cases.
Protocols and networking technology are being developed to support the dissemination model of communication in a wide variety of (inter)networks, ranging from high-speed, high delay terrestrial to low-speed, high error rate mobile networks. The dissemination model of communication plays a key role in a number of current projects within the Distributed Systems Group, including:

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