Michael B. Greenwald

Ph.D. Student,
Stanford University
Computer Science Department
Distributed Systems Group
Advisor: David Cheriton

Thesis: Non-blocking Synchronization and System Design


Slides Powerpoint Internet Assistant seems to have gotten confused converting a couple of the slides to GIFS, so they are corrupted (the text versions are fine). Powerpoint has not been able to produce a printable postscript version of the slides, so for now it's not available. Sometime soon, I'll try to make a single postscript file of all the slides available.

Recent Publications

  • J. Stone, M. Greenwald, C. Partridge, and J. Hughes. Performance of Checksums and CRCs over Real Data. To appear in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, compressed PostScript

  • M. Greenwald and D.R. Cheriton. The Synergy Between Non-blocking Synchronization and Operating System Structure, Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation. USENIX, Seattle, October, 1996, pp 123-136. compressed PostScript, Hypertext, slides, or abstract.

  • M. Greenwald. Practical Algorithms for Self Scaling Histograms or Better than Average Data Collection, Proceedings of Performance '96 IFIP, Lausanne, October, 1996, and in Performance Evaluation Volumes 27&28, October 1996, North-Holland, pp 19-40. slides or abstract. (Copyright is held by Elsevier Science B.V. ; copies may be obtained by ordering publication number 0166-5316/96).

  • M.B. Greenwald, S.K. Singhal, J.R. Stone, and D.R. Cheriton. Designing an Academic Firewall. In OnTheInternet, Vol. 2, No 3, May/June 1996, pp 24-33.

  • M.B. Greenwald, S.K. Singhal, J.R. Stone, and D.R. Cheriton. Designing an Academic Firewall: Policy, Practice, and Experience With SURF. In Proceedings of the 1996 Internet Society Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security, San Diego, CA, February 1996. pp 79-92. Internet Society/IEEE Computer Society. compressed PostScript, Hypertext, or abstract.

    Selected past publications and talks

    Class library of histograms from Performance paper.

    Bibliography of references on non-blocking synchronization. This is currently incomplete, and not formatted correctly. Please view it as "in progress". I'm updating it and correcting problems as I finish my thesis.

    An older bibliography maintained by John Valois contains bibtex references on concurrent objects, lock-free data structures, mutual exclusion, wait-free synchronization, efficient spinlocks, and other related topics. It might also be of interest.

    Informal Resume


    Alona Rivka Bach (b. 4/93)
    Yaron Bryce Greenwald (b. 12/94), in October 1997.

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    Meka Tamir Greenwald (b. 2/15/98). ("Meka" is pronounced "Mee-kuh") His Hebrew name is Tamir Avraham Greenwald. (The middle picture shows him being held by one of his grandmothers.)

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