Matt Zelesko

PhD Student,
Stanford University,
Computer Science Department,
Distributed Systems Group.

DSG Research

Communication Protocol Specialization
Conventional communication architectures are constrained to a small set of static protocols defined by the operating system. Object-oriented class library support for communication channels and RPC provide applications with direct control over the implementation of each level of the communication hierarchy. Sophisticated communication classes can be specialized from standard implementations to address the particular flexibility and performance requirements of various applications. For example, DIS environments require a reliable multicast capability to disseminate state information, while distributed parallel simulations may require high-performance streaming of simulation objects. Specialization of the communication class libraries enables each application to achieve its own particular requirements. A cool color diagram and information on the Dissemination-Oriented Communication project can be found here.

Granite Systems

I took a year leave of absence from the PhD program to join Granite Systems, a startup company designing gigabit ethernet switching technology. Granite was founded by Andy Bechtolsheim and David Cheriton. In September of 1996, Granite was acquired by Cisco Systems.




Matt Zelesko (zelesko .at. cs .dot. stanford .dot. edu)