Hugh W. Holbrook

PhD (graduated in 2001)
Distributed Systems Group
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA


My dissertation

My dissertation, completed in 2001, is available here.

EXPRESS multicast

A paper about the EXPRESS multicast model was published in the proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM conference in 1999. This work provided a basis for my dissertation.

Reliable Multicast

I spent several years working on the problem of using multicast to efficiently, quickly, and reliably disseminate information to very large numbers of receivers, despite network losses. The multicast environment adds new challenges that don't occur for unicast, and the obvious applications of unicast reliability algorithms don't work. Some examples of data streams that are well suited to large-scale reliable multicast transmission include financial data, news stories, traffic and weather reports, state information in multiplayer simulations, and invalidations of distributed caches.

A paper describing my approach to reliable multicast, called Log-based Receiver-Reliable Multicast (LBRM), appeared in SIGCOMM '95. Here is the abstract.


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Hugh Holbrook (holbrook .at. cs .dot. stanford .dot. edu)