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ParaDiGM multiprocessor.
ParaDiGM (Parallel Distributed Global Memory) is a shared memory multicomputer architecture. The ParaDiGM architecture allows a parallel application to execute any of it's tasks on any processor in the machine, with all the tasks in a single address space. The first version of the paradigm CPU board, was built around four MC68040 processors, with a shared second level 8 Mbyte cache. The second level cache supports two models of consistency: a classical invalidation scheme, and a new Memory-Based Message scheme.

VASSA Network Interface.
VASSA (Virtual Address Space Switching Architecture) is a high performance network architecture designed to provide communication performances across a network similar to that of inter-processor communication inside a parallel computer. A first version of the VASSA architecture has been implemented using fiber optics with a transfert rate of 266Mbits/sec. A 1Gbit/sec integrated version of this work is currently being designed.




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